About The Power P.E. Exam

About The Power P.E. Exam

when I passed the exam. It was great with complex numbers and also has calc functions, if needed. For extra savings, check out our Products page to purchase this calculator separately or bundled with The Power Engineers Guide to Passing The PE Exam book.

Choose good references and get used to using them. - During such a technical exam it is almost impossible to know every subject and required equation that will be needed. Good references are a must. Some really helpful references can be found in this book’s bibliography.

Practice working problems, especially practice exams. - Do this with the calculator and references you will use on the exam. Time yourself on practice exam questions to see how you compare to the six minute average.
Answer every question - The PE Exam is multiple choice. On the down side, there is no partial credit. On the opposite side of the spectrum is the fact that you may run into a problem that baffles you and guess the right answer.
With that being said….Good Luck on the exam! You Can Pass It!


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