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*****   Definite 5 Stars!      June 14, 2017

Fredy Pardo

Got the book, it exceeded expectations!


*****   Great reference for Power PE      June 3, 2017

Sarah W.

Passed the PE exam in April 2017. Self studied with a practice exam and this book.


*****   Best reference material      May 27, 2017

Md. Faisal Kamal

Very good reference. I passed at my 1st attempt. Combine it with thedore wildie's book, you will be fine. Don't buy any unnecessary materials. I studied around 750 hours and did practice problems from complex imaginary book. The book has some printing mistakes. Study and study. That is the only way to pass.


*****   Passed on first attempt!      May 26, 2017

Will M.

Used this book primarily to study. Passed on the first attempt! Very well organized, and was immensely helpful in both studying and referencing during the test.

As a note to future takers, make sure you have a copy of the NEC and the NESC. Familiarize yourself with these, and do many, many practice problems. Both the NEC and NESC are not covered in this guide.


*****   Quite frankly a solid book to help you through the ...      May 26, 2017

Lima Mike

Quite frankly a solid book to help you through the power pe exam. Solid examples and perhaps it was luck, but 3 problems from the April 17 exam where right out of Graffeo's book. In addition, Alex answers questions, whenever you are stuck with a problem. A must have!


*****   Get this book!      April 29, 2017

dvd snchz

Great reference book for those stuff or their Professional Engineer License.


*****   Great reference, very concise      April 22, 2017

Matthew Glynn

Great reference for the Power PE exam, just took the exam today and used it extensively. Short and to the point, I combined this with the Camara book.


*****   The best reference for studying for the Power RE      March 27, 2017

michael burke

The content is great. This is the number one reference for studying for the Power PE Exam. Well worth the price.


*****   Good guide, passed first attempt.      February 14, 2017


Very good study guide. I passed the Power PE last spring on the first try. I practiced for the exam using only an Uglies electrical reference and this book. Brought a couple old IEEE books that were passed down at work and they were extremely helpful (see picture). NEC and NESC are a given. Lots of fault current and P.U. NFPA 70E is up and coming too. The typesetting is a bit rough but tolerable. Apart from that, solid book. Skip the fancy $300 tomes and get this. Exam difficulty matched the practice exam well. The only curve ball for me: had to spec out protection for Air Conditioning...things I dont specify very often here in Alaska!


*****   Highly recommended. Passed the exam on the first try.      January 16, 2017

John M.

Good information. Well organized. I used this as my primary study source and passed the exam on the first try.


*****   Five Stars      January 8, 2017

Kabi R. Pandey

Great book for Electrical PE exam preparation! I really liked it!


*****   I put in about 6 hours a week from May through the end of October but felt very comfortable and time was not an issue for me      December 12, 2016


I took the EE Power professional engineer (PE) exam in October 2016. This was one of the many books I used which ultimately helped me pass! I studied and passed the FE in April and then began studying for the PE immediately afterwards. You need to put in the time to study and then get a collection of the right books. I put in about 6 hours a week from May through the end of October but felt very comfortable and time was not an issue for me.

My primary references were this book and the PPI Camera reference manual. I also took with me the NCEES practice exam, PPI practice exams, NEC, Wildi Electrical Machines, Drives, and Power Systems, Grainger Power System Analysis, and a few Schaum outlines. (I would rank their usefulness in the order i listed them) I also supplemented my materials with information that was missing having taken the three practice exams and also areas I was less knowledgeable. I did not have materials that ultimately covered the entire exam but I don’t have an endless budget to buy the expensive book for the one question. Consider getting a copy of the National Electric Safety Code (NESC) since the exam may have questions in this area.

The Graffeo book was very straight forward and jumps right into the practical knowledge. It highlights key points and would be excellent for someone who is very familiar and comfortable with the field. It draws some highlights common key points but does not provide significant details and background as compared to the Camera book. This book is concise and easy to find information. With any "review" book, the content of the book is a quick compilation of material you can find in more detail in many books. This was a great book and also includes a practice exam. Make sure you have a good highlighter and tabs to annotate the book as your read and review it. Best of luck!


*****   Excellent study guide and reference for the Power PE exam!      December 10, 2016


Excellent study guide and reference for the Power PE exam! I took the April 2016 PE exam without this guide and did not pass. I then bought this Graffeo manual and used it and the NEC as my primary study materials for the 2nd exam try. My background is Electrical Engineering and my job is with the electric utility power company. I passed on my 2nd attempt (October 2016)! My primary references during the test were this Graffeo guide, NEC, NESC, the Camara manual, the NCEES Power Practice Exam, Camara Power Practice Exams, and Ugly's Electrical Reference Manual. The Graffeo book is concise, easy to read, comprehensive, and is ideal for the time constraints imposed by the PE Exam. I highly recommend it. The formulas and practice problems are close together near the back and easy to flip between. For studying I suggest working many, many, many practice problems, looking over the specific NEC sections of Branch Circuits, Overcurrent Protection, Motors, Conductors, and Grounding, highlighting key EE formulas, and organizing all references in a system to be efficient during the exam. Before working any problems during the test, I looked over every question first and worked them based on easiest to hardest. Some questions only require looking them up in the NEC while others require extensive math (I saved those for last.) Also others are just guesses (Narrowing down the answers helps.) Hope this is beneficial. Good luck!


*****   Highly recommended      October 31, 2016


I highly recommend getting this book. I referenced it for multiple questions on the test I took (October 2016) and found it very helpful.


*****   Exactly as Advertised      October 17, 2016

Charles E. Steiger Jr.

Great Product.


*****   Great book      September 23, 2016


Great book. I would buy it again.


*****   Your Guide Helped Me Pass The Electrical Power PE this Oct. 2015      Dec. 26, 2015


Alex,  I would like to say that your Guide helped me pass the Electrical Power PE this October 2015 on the first try.  Your book is very concise and to the point and relates directly to the PE exam topics as posted by NCEES.  I mainly used your book as reference for the exam and was able to quickly locate formulas and calculations required during the exam.  Of particular use was the formula sheets that you had in your book, no time wasted looking for equations during the exam.  All the equations in this book were important and very useful during the PE exam.  For all test takers, I would buy Alexander Graffeo's book, NEC Handbook and NCEES practice exam.  Lot of time is wasted using the wrong resources.  Key to passing PE exam is practice doing 6 minute problems, exactly the type illustrated in Graffeo’s book. Thanks!


*****  I want to thank Alex Graffeo for writing this book     Dec. 13, 2015


I want to thank Alex Graffeo for writing this PE Electrical Engineer Exam Guide book. There are many PE Power review materials out there but if your purpose in life is to pass the PE Exam on your first try , then PLEASE get this book. It is very strong in theoretical side and the sample problems were as close to the real problems in the exam. I read and did problems on this book cover to cover and was able to pass after being out of school for 20 years. Alex is also quick to answer questions via email if you find yourself in a bind with some of the problems.  

With the Lord's help , I passed the October 2015 PE Electrical Power Exam on my first attempt.


*****  Excellent book     Nov. 8, 2015


I took the PE power exam last week, October 2015, and I used this book as my primary study guide.  When it comes to PE exam, there are a few resources out there and I am glad I had this book.  It helped me with around 60% of the exam.  For reference, I graduated from Master's in 2010 and both my bachelor and master program were densely focused on power.I also work with NEC at my job.  I liked the way this book was written, short and to the point. I went over the subjects, refreshed what I knew and studied what I did not.  Battery and illumination were new to me so this book did a great job on giving me enough info for the exam.  Formula sheets at the end of chapters were very helpful in moments of panic. This book is very compact in information, yet it touches many subjects on surface only, like engineering economics and batteries.In order to be safe, I suggest you grab the subject and delve into it. For example find more details for each battery type listed in the book, and get complete formula and information on economics.  Some of the solutions for power system problem are lengthy and they could have been shorter and more efficient. I agree there are some mistakes in solution and spelling, but it does not matter as it still does what it is supposed to.  However, keep in mind this book plus NCEES practice cover only a portion of the exam. There were some questions that challenged my understanding of power system and math, and there were some random questions ( a few) that I saw for the first time in the exam.  Things that are not covered in this book as other reviewer said:- what happens( to voltage) when you use a transformer designed for x Hz frequency at y Hz frequency,- if you have MVA ratings of transformer with different cooling ,OA, FA, FOA, which one to pick for calculations,-harmonics and how to decrease them ( 5th,7th,11th,...), how to control KW with frequency/speed of driver and control voltage with KVAR, relationship of voltage rise with kvar added and short circuit duty, UL standards, and the effect of field excitation on motor speed.

I need to wait 8-10 weeks to get the result, but pass or fail, I was very happy I used this book.


*****  Great Guide for Passing PE     Aug. 10, 2015


Wow! What a great guide!  Comes with a practice test which is invaluable.  Author answered email questions!  I used this book, NEC handbook, and a few knick knacks from the classroom and I passed my first time! Buy as many different practice tests as you can get! Work problems and it will come back to you. Trying to learn it all again in a classroom setting is not as effective as attempting similar problems that you'll face on the exam.  You're not trying to get your EE degree again you're just trying to pass the test.  Study for the test, not a bachelor's degree.


*****  Good price and good guide     June 21, 2015


A good guide and provided on the spot answers to the questions when needed.


*****  An excellent reference if you want to pass the PE Exam     June 17, 2015


I just got my results for the April 2015 exam and passed.  It has been about 12 years since I graduated from college and I had limited time (I have two young kids who are not enthused about my studying) so I definitely needed a good reference to help me focus my time and energy.  Of all of my references, this book quickly became my go to reference.  At one point, I had a question and emailed the author.  The author actually answered my question, which was something I really didn't expect.  I did a lot of work.  I read the entire book, tabbed it (tabs came with book) and did all the questions.  The PE Guide was also useful during the exam.  Electrical Engineering has so many areas to choose from that no one reference has everything you need, but this book covered most of the areas and didn't make the mistake of getting too deep, like some of the other references.  In the end, it definitely helped me to pass the exam. 


*****  I Highly Recommend This Guide     May 29, 2015


I purchased this guide in preparation for the April 2015 PE Power exam, along with the NCEES practice exam and Camara's Power Reference Manual. Graffeo's guide was an essential component for me passing the PE exam, and I passed on my 1st attempt. I highly recommend this guide.


*****  Great Book - Successful Results     May 27, 2015

Richard "gambit11"

I am a 2010 graduate and sat for my PE in April 2015. I have primarily worked in the consulting industry, so already had a good working knowledge of the NEC. My primary study and review tool was this book by Alexander Graffeo. I went through this book in it's entirety, working all sample problems, adding tabs to the book to make it easier to flip through. I also used several other practice exams, and took some other books, but didn't end up using the others much. Of course, this book did not cover everything on the test. There were many problems that I couldn't find help with in any of my reference materials, but this was the primary tool I used on the test as well. It was concise and well organized, and didn't leave me flipping endlessly through reference materials for the majority of the test. Of the 80 problems on the test, I felt fairly confident about approximately 3/4 of the problems, about 1/8 of the problems I could reduce the answers to give me a 50/50 shot, and the other 1/8 were almost entirely guesses. I left the test feeling fairly confident, but that 1/4 of the test left me feeling beat up and doubting myself. I never took Engineering Econ, so some of those questions were still difficult for me. Fast forward 6 weeks, and the results are in- I passed- so I just wanted to share my thoughts on this book, which attribute much of my success to!


*****  Engineer's guide is great to help me to pass PE exam     May 14, 2015

Joon Suh

The Electrical Engineer’s Guide To Passing The Power PE Exam is great to help me to pass PE exam on last October, 2014. I appreciate the author showing his contribution through the book for electrical engineers who are seeking Power PE license. I passed the exam at the second try. This book, NEC 2011 and other two books containing practice problems (PE Electrical and Computer: Power by NCEES, ‘Spin-Up for the electrical & computer engineering PE Exam<Power>’ by Cory Lanza) were my main sources to study. I graduated a college almost 30 years ago in my home country and did not have any book left to study. That means I had to study from the beginning. So I heavily relied on this book (read multiple times thoroughly) and had a good result through it. I chose the right book and was not disappointed with it. It is compact, but covers most essential areas to study for. It guided me to narrow down and focus what the main points that I need to study. With the book I could save my time a lot and studied effectively in short period of time. The book was published in right time for me and the author has kept sending me follow up letters continually to challenge his book readers. Again, I really appreciate his work and attitude for caring his customers.


*****  Simple and straight forward   April 27, 2015


I purchased this Guide in January in preparation for the April 2015 PE exam. In addition, I purchased the NCEES sample exam and I took the PPI class, which included the Camara's Power Reference Manual, practice problems, and sample exams. If you are already familiar with Power, then my advice is to use this Guide as your cornerstone reference along with the NCEES sample exam. Graffeo's Guide is concise and condensed, which will be a relief to you during the exam. Refer to other materials as needed when you want to take a deeper dive on a particular topic or have the time. (Of course, bring all your materials with you to the exam...why not, right?!) In general, I found the example problems in this Guide to be either (1) simple and straight forward enough to be a quick refresher on a topic or (2) relevant to exam questions. I feel I wasted a lot of my precious preparation time on some of Camara's long, convoluted problems - not representative of the 6 min or less per problem given on the exam.

Also, I should note that the Guide has been revised, so it does now address the 'missing' topics in past reviews.


****   A very good resource, February 28, 2015


A very good resource.  It covers important topics for the PE exam.


*****   Thank you for all your help, January 26, 2015


I'm very grateful for your study guide.

I got word a few weeks ago that I was lucky to be one of only 45% of folks to pass this Power PE exam, on my first attempt Oct. 2014.

I leaned heavily on this book before and during the exam and was very satisfied with it. Because it is very good at what it does, it is a permanent addition to my electrical engineering reference library.

Thanks for your support along the way and the follow up emails prior to the exam. That was certainly above and beyond the call of duty.


*****   This is a great study guide, January 19, 2015


This is a great study guide. I passed the October 2014 exam and this book was one of the main reasons why. This became my go to reference. Many subjects and questions on the exam were covered in this book. There’s not a lot of excess material here to confuse you on exam day. The exam was not easy and time was a major factor. The topics are explained in a simple manner, which is what I needed to pass a timed exam. A major accomplishment!!


*****   Great reference material, January 14, 2015


This book was a great reference material for the Power PE exam. I used this book, Camera’s Power Reference Manual, sample exams, practice problems, the NEC, and the NESC during the test. I passed the first time. This book helped refresh my memory about some of the topics that I hadn’t seen in a while. The author also sent out words of encouragement and tips before the test which I appreciated. If you are looking for something to add to your PE review material I would suggest this book.


*****   Good buy and I recommend it., January 6, 2015


I bought this in July 2014 to prepare for the PE Power exam with NCEES.org. I used this in addition to the NCEES practice exam.  This did a good job, in giving a study plan, as I wasn't a power engineer by schooling, and this with power systems design and analysis textbook and a machines/motors textbook got me up to snuff for the exam. The problems WITH SOLUTIONS were helpful to practice the algorithm to get an answer to a given problem, as some sequences weren't intuitive.  I'd recommend this to others, but it better not be your only study resource, as you'll be reviewing power systems design and analysis as well as motors/transformers textbooks and you'll be reading the laws/codes of NESC and NEC in your preparation for the exam.

Thanks to the author for the book...It was beneficial in helping me pass the exam on the first try.


*****  Five Stars, January 6, 2015


Excellent reference book... Author is very responsive to questions and gives very insightful/helpful advice.


*****   Best text book I have ever used, December 29, 2014


I passed the PE on the first try with this book being my primary reference and review. This is a great quick review of the fundamentals. It also includes a nice set of formula sheets and practice problems. I would highly recommend the use of this book along with others PPI, NEC and a general EE handbook.


*****   Wonderful Reference, December 26, 2014


This was my favorite reference for the PE Power Exam. No other reference has such laser focus on the material in the exam. Especially when compared to other resources like Camara's Power Reference Manual for Electrical and Computer, which covers everything under the sun and very little applicable directly to the PE Power Exam, this Guide is a runaway winner. I guess by now you can tell I passed the Oct '14 exam and I give a ton of credit to Mr Graffeo's reference. It was spot on! The only thing missing for me were a few questions specifically on Medium Voltage equipment (transformer ratios, PTs and CTs). Thank you Alexander Graffeo!


****   This book is a good prep book to build your confidence up and help ...,December 21, 2014


I bought this book along with the reference book by Camera. While studying, I actually preferred this book over Camera's reference book. However, during the test, Camera's book is a must have. This book is a good prep book to build your confidence up and help you understand a high level of many topics. However, there are many topics that are not addressed in this book. That is where the Camera reference book is a must have. It has information on any and every topic.

On a huge plus in regards to this (Graffeo) book though is that the author sent me useful advice and study materials via email in the months and weeks prior to the exam. I truly appreciated it as the information he sent me actually became very valuable. This was an added service that I was not expecting... big props to the author on that one!

BTW My reference materials consisted of the two books described above, complex imaginary exams, the NCEES practice exam, NEC code, and the NESC code and I passed on my first attempt.


****   Almost everything you need to pass the PE Exam, December 17, 2014


This guide was my primary study book and reference guide during the test. My only other resources was the NCEES Practice Exam and the 2011 NEC.

Helped me pass the PE on my first attempt.  Nice concise recaps of each section on the exam.  All used formulas consolidated in a short section.  Example problems and solutions are mostly clear.  Great price compared to other review options.


 *****   Buy early, use often, November 11, 2014


My only regret was not buying this sooner so I had more time to use it while studying for the PE exam. I fumbled through and wasted time looking in other resources during the exam when what I needed was right in front of me.


*****   Thank you for the great PE exam study guide, October 28, 2014


I just wanted to say thank you for the great PE exam study guide. I passed the PE on my first try last April and felt confident throughout the exam. Your book covered many of the topics on the exam.


*****   I passed the spring 2014 Power PE exam using this ..., October 26, 2014


I passed the spring 2014 Power PE exam using this book as my main study guide. It was very helpful in preparing for the exam, organizing study topics, and practicing problems and concepts. It didn't go too in depth in calculations (like other professional references), was very practical and was conceptual on the majority of the topics covered in the exam. It was one of my main resources in the exam. In my opinion this is a must buy if you want to pass the exam and study efficiently.


****  Great guide  October 25, 2014


I used this book as my sole guide in preparing for the PE Exam. Although not everything on the PE Exam was covered in this book, this book provides as much material as practicalities allow for a guide. There were a couple points that the guide's author stressed heavily as if he knew they were going to be on the exam and rest assured, those questions were on the exam. If you study this guide seriously, you will pass the exam.


*****   Great complementary resource!, October 25, 2014


There is no one book that should be used as the sole source for studying for the EE PE-Power. However this book is an excellent complement to use with a more formal course and other resources which focus on multiple sample tests. Great sections on circuit analysis, motors, power system performance and protection, etc. I discovered this book about a month before I took the April 2014 exam and it was invaluable in giving me that final boost of confidence which led me to pass. Alex Graffeo is very accessible and proactively sends out corrections. I recommend.


*****   Please get this book if you want to PASS first time and learn the subjects, June 8, 2014


I was a little worried at first, but when i actually got the book, it’s a great reference for the PE exam, covers the topics, some are in great details other are in general. However, if you used this book with wildi and power system, you will pass. Best friend recommended this book, I used it and passed the PE exam on my second try, well my group helped me a lot too; but we all used this book, it was one of the books I used heavily on the exam.




Alex, I took the April 2014 PE Power Exam. I used your study guide as my primary study aid and I also got several others in my study group to use it. I am happy to inform you that we all passed the exam. Your book contained about 90% of the concepts and ideas that are needed to pass the exam. It made the difference for several members of my study group who took the exam for a second time. I thank God for blessing you to write such a good study aid. Your book is the bomb. James


*****   Great Reference for the PE Exam, May 20, 2014


This is a great reference for the PE exam, covers most topics in good detail. I wouldn't say this is a stand alone reference, use it with the PPI manuals & other class notes. I used it and passed the PE exam, one of the books I used heavily on the exam.


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